"…Best of all, she is teaching me a way to become free at last, something no amount of reading and attending workshops over the past thirty years have enabled me to accomplish."
L.A., Business Manager
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Have you been struggling with a problem and unable to find a solution?

For over fifteen years I have been helping clients to resolve difficult or long-standing physical and emotional issues.  My clients are self-aware men and women who want to live life with freedom, vitality and grace.

I use my intuitive skills to find the original cause of  present-day challenges and assist in clearing the blocks. You will learn practical self-healing tools that allow you to achieve relief from suffering.

With my coaching you will receive support to break free of long-held blocks or limiting beliefs that interfere with your health, personal relationships, self-esteem, and spiritual connection. You will experience is a deeper knowledge of your true self and an awareness of new possibilities in your life.  Action steps that bring rewarding results in relationships, career or personal development will become clear.

Are you struggling to make decisions regarding important life questions?

Using intuitive skills I have mastered over the last 30 years, you will receive answers to important life questions in areas such as:  health, employment, personal compatibility, nutritional choices, property, investments, and purchases, based on your highest potential.

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Latest testimonials

I was fortunate to hear about Judy through a friend who shares the same cancer diagnosis. I was skeptical at first having had some history with counseling many years ago that was less than productive. I decided to open myself and try a few sessions just to see what opportunity might come forward.  I found in her a style different and unique, that resonates.

There are two distinct things about her that I think set her apart: The first is that our conversations bend and flow and come together sometimes at the most unexpected places, where she shows an ability to hear with the heart. She doesn't come with prearranged ideas about what we are going to talk about, or how to do it. It is this flexibility that really opens doors and allows for richer dialogue.

Secondly, when an opportunity presents itself she can be vulnerable and honest with her own life stories while maintaining integrity and privacy. This ability is in my experience, rare. She walks alongside me, not from a position of authority or all knowing. She feels her way along offering insights, ideas, and exercising options. Each session lends opportunity and often unexpected revelations. She has helped me find empowering ways to navigate life, cancer and all. 

She is a gem.

- P. K.

I was referred to Judy in March of 2015 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. I was in a blur when I was told I had 6 months to 3 years to live and that the best the doctors could do was try to keep me alive as long as possible.

It’s been 20 months now and I’ve worked with Judy weekly to keep myself balanced. I can say that she has been so instrumental in my overall health, attitude and wellbeing. I’ve learned so much from her and my mental outlook is stable thanks to her. I’ve learned to accept and embrace every day for “me “and appreciate all that have in this moment.

Physically, I’m sleeping really well at night, my pain is managed to where I can enjoy most days with little or no discomfort and most of all look forward to waking up tomorrow!

I feel that whatever a person’s situation is, Judy can uncover and get to the core of the problem and help one see things in a different and better light.

I’m very thankful that Judy will always be by my side.

- R. P.