HAVING JUDY AS MY SPIRITUAL MENTOR and life coach helped carry me from a place of hopelessness and confusion to a place of clarity and possibilities. Her nurturing guidance and adept skills gave me some much needed breakthroughs that I had been totally unaware of.  I keep Judy on hand for life challenges that come up and connect with her whenever I have emotional struggles I can’t figure out myself or even to help me make decisions about important choices I need to make.  She’s like my emotional wellness angel.  Annie Blackburn, physician Strategic Interventionist and Practical Dreamer   

“JUDY HAS BEEN MY INTUITIVE healer for about 25 years.  She was my primary source of help with my children, viagra here dowsing to determine the proper diet and homeopathic remedies for their illnesses so it was rare that they saw a doctor.  I have worked with Judy to deal with heart problems, back pain, anxiety and fear.  It is amazing how fast pain can be relieved if the emotional cause is recognized and dealt with.  Working with Judy leads to an empowering way of looking at illness and helping yourself to heal.  I recommend this work to anyone who wants support in taking responsibility for one’s own life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”
Sharon Evans, RNC/ Traditional Midwife.

JUDYS INSIGHTS NUDGED ME to explore carefully hidden and long repressed areas of my life. She introduced me to techniques that assist me in coping as intense fear of opening to these uncharted areas overwhelms me. Her promptings have given me an unexpected freedom to be with myself without judgment. This new stance in life enables me to be more spontaneous, clearer thinking and more connected to my wholeness. Zest for life is now my daily experience, as is a joyful appreciation of all (or most) of what exists in it. Should I slip into old patterns of emotion-blocking – should I feel less than whole, perfect and strong – her nurturing presence is available to be called upon. Contact in these moments inevitably centers and grounds me and through that I am able to return to a comfortable place. She has also helped heal physical issues arising in myself and my children.  Judy is gifted with profound insight and an extraordinary ability to use her gift to help others. I am very grateful to have her as my coach.
Sandy C., Yoga Instructor

“JUDY PROVIDES ME the path back to my own heart.  When I feel lost, confused, or otherwise frustrated in life, Judy helps me release the blocks that get in the way of feeling aligned with my own power and zest for life.  Judy’s guidance on physical, emotional, and spiritual questions and challenges is the most clear and effective I have ever found.  She is an angel.”
Kara Fox, Writer

JUDY HAS BEEN a real, 3-D angel in my life.   Judy is truly a coach’s coach and my mentor.  She has helped me trust my spiritual guidance and bring my own Co-Active Coaching to a deeper level.   Judy has quickly brought me insightful and practical methods to help me broaden my own awareness, resulting in a more fulfilling life!
Ali Jones-Carter, Photographer and Life Coach

“…BEST OF ALL, she is teaching me a way to become free at last, something no amount of reading and attending workshops over the past thirty years have enabled me to accomplish.”
Lynn A., Business Manager

“I HAVE HAD BACK PAIN for several years and have tried everything including: cortisone injections, pool therapy, mental health counseling, accupuncture, chiropractor, and yoga.  Some therapies helped for a short while, but nothing has taken away the pain.  Since working with Judy, I have had times where my pain is completely gone, even sometimes shortly after we begin our session.  With Judy’s help, I realized that for years I have been contracting my body even while sleeping, holding my emotional pain in my body.  Learning to surrender and let go of the tension in my body is a work in progress.   Working with Judy is helping me learn a new way of being in my body.  It is difficult to put in to words what this work is like, it is something you have to experience and feel for yourself.  One of the best things about working with Judy is the acceptance she consistently offers.  I feel safe and supported and am learning to truly care for myself.”
Karen K., Nurse Practitioner
I HAVE SUFFERED from migraines twice weekly for over six years.  I can say truthfully that nothing helped me gain control over them until I started working with Judy.  Now weeks go by without a migraine – and when I feel one coming on I know what to do to head it off. It takes determination and dedicated follow-through using Judy’s techniques.”
Jan S., Writer/Editor

“THE FACT THAT I’VE BEEN ABLE to transform myself, given the backdrop of these fifty-five years, from all my old negative patterns and ways of being, is one of the wonderful things about working with Lily. I admit to being an exceptionally good student—committed and intentional and spending time with our exercises every day. The sustained duration of our time together has brought me to the level where positive and sustained changes happen.  A beautiful new me has emerged.”
Karen B., Caregivers’ Regional Supervisor

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